Quaid Say Baatein is a fun animated series that follows the life and adventures of a young girl named Zainab, who is a proud Pakistani and is always thinking of ways to help those around her and make a better Pakistan. In her endeavors, she encounters numerous issues but with help of her friends Sara and Ali, and the guidance of Quaid-e-Azam inspiring words, she is able to tackle any problem…

“Pehla Qadam Utha Kaye”

The Cast


Zainab is an extremely energetic young girl, who happens to be Quaid-e-Azam’s biggest fan. Zainab is always inquisitive and wanting to know why things are the way they are in Pakistan and looking to solve the problems that Pakistan faces. This sense of responsibility and accountability means Zainab also has a very profound connection with her society and country at large, and her inquisitive nature ensures that she’s always up and about to help out in any way she can.


Ali is a boisterous young man, and completes the trio of friends that are Zainab, Sara and Ali.. From time to time, Ali does tend to land himself in trouble and is usually up to no good. However, Zainab and Sara are always there to set him straight and make him realize what’s right and what’s not. Even though he tries to put on a macho attitude, Ali is a bit of a softie at heart, but you’ll never hear him admitting that.


Sara is Zainab’s best friend. And like best friends, they go to school together, they play together and they also have their fair share of arguments. But at the end of the day, they always find it within themselves to make it up to each other because nothing is more important to them than their friendship.


Quaid needs no introduction in real life, but in Quaid Say Baatain the show, Quaid is Zainab’s special friend who comes in Zainab’s dream to support her and help her find her way out of even the stickiest of situations. When she’s sad, he’s there to comfort her. When she’s upset, he’s there to cheer her up. When she’s stuck on a problem, her shows her the light. He shows Zainab his vision of Pakistan and guides her in making Pakistan a better place by visiting her in her dreams.


Abba is Zainab’s father. He’s a simple man with his daughter’s best interests at heart. And due to his daughter’s eccentric personality, he spends most of his time making sure Zainab stays out of trouble. He’s slightly old-fashioned in his thinking, but his intentions are always pure and clean. But in his attempts to keep his daughter in check, he learns a lot from Zainab and just like her, admits his mistakes and makes sure he alters his thinking to never let those mistakes happen again.

We know we are a little late with this episode, but we still wanted to wish Quaid-e-Azam a belated Happy Birthday!!! See what gift Zainab gives to the Quaid on his Birthday!

Today marks the one year anniversary of one of the darkest days in Pakistani history. When evil men mercilessly took away the lives of innocent children. We believe that if Quaid were alive today, he would have been devastated and broken to see this happen in Pakistan.

To honor those who were taken way before their time, let us make a promise to fight those who spread hatred and fear. To create a peaceful and tolerant Pakistan for our children that Quaid would be proud of. Today we mourn our immense loss, but tomorrow we will take the first step to make a better a Pakistan.

In this episode we see Zainab learn the importance of thinking for oneself and imparts this important lesson to her friend Ali.

In this episode we see Zainab’s friend Ali, learn the importance of education and remaining committed to your studies.

In this episode we see Zainab teach others about the importance of queuing and discipline.

In this episode Zainab learns the importance of holding leaders accountable and asking for her right!

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In this episode Zainab learns the power of working together.

In this episode we see Zainab learn that even when we disagree with one another, we should treat each other with respect.

Adults can sometimes learn from children. Farhan does an excellent job of reviewing this episode of Quaid Say Baatain and sharing his opinion on why there is no alternative to hard work! Please share your review or reenactment of QSB episodes!

In this episode we see Zainab learn the importance of using our words instead of using force to make ones point.

In this episode we see Zainab learn about Quaid’s vision of men and women working side by side as equals in Pakistan.

In this episode, we see Zainab learn about Quaid’s vision for a peaceful and tolerant Pakistan.

In this episode, we see Zainab learn from Quaid’s example of being the change you want to see in the world.